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Document Scanning Boston

Data Entry On-Site

File Naming, Indexing, Data Entry

Data Entry services brought right to your office! We will bring our team of qualified data entry personnel to your office for as little as 1 week, or an entire year or more. When it comes security and need to access your files right away, Boston Computer Scanning (Bosscan) offers a solution for both. Similar to our document scanning projects, we can bring our own equipment. If you have workstations ready, our staff can use them - ensuring even greater security in your work environment.

Our data entry services also include:

  • Professional staff

  • Quality Check (QC) conducted

  • Security:

  • No phones / cameras used at workstations

  • 100% HIPAA compliant

  • U.S. Citizens with background checks

  • After project is completed - if Bosscan workstations are used; customer verifies receipt of images, and then the images are permanently deleted from our workstations via government grade data scrubbing incineration software.

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