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Document Scanning Boston Since 1992

Scanner Rentals

Rent with confidence from Boston Computer Scanning (Bosscan). We will supply you with the scanning equipment to get the job done right. Stop by to pick up, or have a work station brought to your office. Our friendly and knowlegable staff also offers training, to make sure you're comfortable and are able to understand the most efficient way to tackle your project.

Now you can scan your documents the way you want, when you want. Use high-end commercial scanning equipment. Plus, 25 years of experience to guide you.

Scan any document, any size, any quanity, including:

  • Letter & legal size pages
  • Pictures
  • Index cards
  • Books
  • Large plans and maps (up to 42" wide by 20' long)

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Here's what you'll get with our scanner rental service:

  • Security – scan your documents at your facility, directly to your PC.
  • Assistance – professional guidance & tips for producing the best images possible.
  • Scanning Image Flexibility - Switch from black and white, to grayscale, or color from document to document, or page to page.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I need to know how to use a computer or scanner?
R. You must have basic computer skills and experience. You do not need  prior document scanning experience.

Q. What is the scanner speed?
A. Our production scanners are rated from 45 to 120 pages per minute (ppm), depending on model.

Q. What file types can I scan to?
  • PDF – Portable document format. PDF Files don’t easily convert to other file types, but will allow for multi-page files.
  • JPG - jpeg. Ideal for photos, and comes with very good compression. It doesn’t allow for a multi-sheet image, so each document will be it’s own jpg file.
  • TIF - Tagged image file format. With the right post-processing software, TIF files can be batch rotated, cropped, deskewed or OCR’d. TIF can easily be converted to PDF via Adobe Acrobat or other tools. TIF will allow for multi-sheet files.


Timesaver Tips for Productive Scanning!

Prepping your documents before hand saves you time on the scanner and  can mean the difference between scanning 200 or 800 or more pages an hour!

  1. Remove staples, tape, clips, & other bindings. Staples damage the glass which is our customers’ responsibility. Remnants of tape adhesive will stick to glass causing lines in images when using sheet feeder.

  2. To scan more pages per hour, allow the scanner to create default batch file names such as 001.pdf, 002.pdf, etc., which can be renamed later. Specific file naming can be done at time of scanning, but it takes additional time.

  3. Crisscross each group of pages to keep each as its own multi-sheet file. Alternatively, use separator sheets (white or pastel paper) between each multi-sheet document. This will help you quickly scan documents. Some of the scanning softwares will be able to recognize a blank sheet as the end of a multi-sheet file.

More timesaving tips...for specific document types:

Letter/Legal Files:
1. Copy any folder tab if it is to be the first page of the scanned document. (A copy machine is available when needed.)
2. Place unstapled documents in appropriately sized box for safe & easy transport.
3. If you need to change settings back & forth between black & white, color, grayscale, etc., place a sticky note or rotated separator page before each color or photo document. Align these “flagged documents” so they stick out noticeably from your prepped document pile.

1. Group your pictures by size for better automatic cropping.
2. Pre-rotate pictures (all landscape or all portrait).

Large Format (plans, maps, blueprints, etc.)
1. Sort by media type: blueprints, blue lines, color, black & white or brown sepia for example.
2. Fold back dog-eared corners, tape the front side of tears (so adhesive faces away from scanner glass).
3. Unfold plans that are folded ahead of time.


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