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Document Scanning Boston Since 1992

Temporary On-site Scanning Service

For short-term scanning projects we offer "on-site" scanning so your documents never have to leave your facility. We have spent as little as a half hour or as long as 1 year of scanning at a customer's facility.

Bringing and using our own scanners and equiptment, we only require an adequate space and environment to setup. Our process includes a 10-15 minute setup then we begin by removing the documents from cabinets or boxes, preparing the documents for scanning, then scan to PDF or TIF image. After the scanning is complete, the original documents are placed back in the original order within the original drawer(s) or box(es), re-stapled if required. The scanned images can then be taken back to our office for post-processing.

Post-processing can include:

  • Indexing / Data Entry (also available on-site)
  • File naming
  • Rotating, cropping, deskewing
  • Creating a search database

Your images can then be placed onto your company's server, put on a USB device, CD or DVD, or uploaded to a records management system. We also can maintain a copy of the data for backup purposes, upon your request.

Secure Scanning:

  • All PC's are password protected and a Bosscan representative monitors all PC's throughout the project.
  • Once receipt of the scanned data is verified, PDF/TIF images are scrubbed from Bosscan computers.
  • Equipment:

  • Production style, high speed scanning equipment provides image quality as good as or better than the original document.
  • Various scanners ensure we will have the right equipment for the job.


  • Managed and staffed by experienced Bosscan employees.
  • Friendly, professional, well trained scanning staff.
  • Scanning knowledge: File size/type, color and black/white scanning.


  • Accurate, fast, reliable.
  • No need to spend countless hours scanning a handful of documents. Let Bosscan do the work in half the time.
  • On demand priority projects never a problem.

Additional Services:

  • Certified paper shredding
  • Mail and copy services
  • Web based storage and retrieval, internal or cloud based

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