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Accurately re-drafting PDF, TIF, JPG to CAD for over 30 years! Standard CAD file conversion includes basic layering - walls, windows, doors, electrical, HVAC, water, text, etc. - all on separate layers. We gurantee accuracy; when we convert arcs and circles, they are true arcs and circles. No project is too big or too small. Try our services today!

We can conform to any specific colors, fonts, symbols or other requirements. Simply email us with your specifications or include them when uploading your file(s) below. We also use existing CAD templates to match styles and colors or overlay new sections from PDF files onto them.

Since 1994, we have been using the best off-shore resources available to provide the most accurate, error free, CAD conversions in the industry. All projects are QC'd in our office in Wakefield, MA before the final CAD file(s) are returned.

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CAD (DWG) Conversion

Upload your file(s) and we will send a quote. Our drafted conversion will conform to all that your project entails. Save time and money today! Let Bosscan be your CAD conversion service by giving us a call at 781-245-1050

Accurate and fast - 1 to 3 day turnaround (quantity may affect turnaround time) - for the same low cost!

Accurate, reliable, 100% CAD perfect guarantee! Call or email today to experience our exceptional service!

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