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Document Scanning Boston Since 1992

8.5" x 11" up to Double Letter Size

If it's on paper, we can scan it!

If you have drawers of folders cluttering your office with letter size pages, legal size or 11" x 17" size pages mixed in...let our over 25 years of experience scanning and organizing folders and sub-folders while creating multi-page or single-page PDF and TIF images, go to work for you! Our experience in working with many scenarios of before and after physical folders and computer folders, means you will be in good hands throughout the process.

At Boston Computer Scanning (Bosscan), we will start every project by dicussing your needs and how your documents are currently stored and accessed. Then we will scan the files in a way you can be comfortable with when accessing the images in the future. Our scanning process includes removing staples, unfolding pages, naming files according to folder tabs or title pages, and placing all scanned pages back in their original order. We often also restaple documents, all in the same order and original location.

Scanning FAQ's:

  • Where are my documents stored?
  1. On a USB drive, hard drive, CD/DVD disk
  2. Your own server or in-house storage and retrieval systems

  • How many files can I put on a device?
  1. On a USB device - all files (Storage size varies)
  2. Up to 16,000 pages on one CD (700mb disk)
  3. Up to 115,000 pages on one DVD (4.5gb disk)

  • Will I have to read through every page to find a specific dollar amount, person, or department name?
  1. PDF OCR text search (Optical Character Recognition) is available! Quickly find ANY word or number in seconds.
  2. Auto-complete search fields make finding specifics much faster.

  • Am I limited to specific search fields when my documents are stored by Bosscan?
  1. Customer defined search fields can be created and edited by Bosscan or by any admin you assign, in any database you need.
  2. No limit to number of search fields. Search fields can be added at any time.

  • My documents have a lot of staples and paper clips. I don't have time to remove them. Can Bosscan help?
  1. Complete "un-bundling" (removal of staples paper clips, etc.) is included. Re-bundling is also offered.
  2. Documents will be returned to their original order and folder/location