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Cloud Based Document Access with DocuWare

Manage your office both on-site and remotely

Ideal for small or medium sized businesses. Access files, create workflows, collaborate with coworkers, customers and vendors, and get ahead of compliance with Bosscan and DocuWare. Since 1992 Bosscan has been helping companies automate their business practices and electronic records management.

What can Bosscan and DocuWare do for you?

  • Access documents from any device including; PC, tablet and smartphones
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues
  • Link with email and third party applications
  • Meet compliance standards including HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley

How DocuWare helps specific industries

  • Accounting

    • Simplify Audits

    • Accelerate AR and AP processes

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  • Human Resources

    • Streamline Onboarding

    • Securely store sensitive personnel documents

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  • Customer Service

    • Enhance customer experience with quick customer response & timely info

    • Securely share sensitive documents

  • Sales and Marketing

    • Equip both in-house and field staff with mobile access to price lists, proposals and contracts

    • Centralize sales and marketing data, and make them available within lists/searches in other applications

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  • Document Archiving

    • Achieve a paperless office

    • Simplify audit preparation

    • Meet compliance standards

    • Prepare for (and recover from) disasters

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  • Workflow Automation

    • Eliminate repetitive tasks

    • Free up employees from time-wasting manual work

    • AI-based indexing ensures data integrity in AI captured documents

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