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Document Scanning Boston Since 1992

Scientific Lab Notebooks

High Quality and Volume Scanning

Each page scanned, checked for visual clarity, re-checked with page count verification and additional visual inspection. We can scan more lab notebooks - faster and higher quality - than any in-house scanning operation.

$0.38* per page at Bosscan facility. Drop off or schedule a pickup.

  • 15 or more notebooks per day
  • High quality, high resolution, color imaging
  • One to two day turnaround available
  • Secure - your files are deleted and scrubbed from our systems upon your acceptance
  • Twenty-seven years experience
  • Two quality checks ensure all data is legible and all pages are scanned
  • *Lab notebook scanning at our secure facility, for only $0.38 per page, with a $50 minimum order. Call for “On-Site” scanning price.

    Are your documents and scientific notebooks used frequently or too sensitive to leave your office to be scanned? We will scan your documents on-site at your facility and scrub our disk drives of any trace of your data upon the completion and delivery of the scanned pages. Call now for on-site pricing!

    The Bosscan guarantee: "If it’s legible on the original, it will be legible on the scanned image." This includes graphs, charts, notes written in pencil or ink, and photos.

    Transitioning to ELN's (electronic lab notebooks)?

    Let us help! We have an easy-to-use solution ready to demonstrate. Call us at 781-245-1050 or e-mail: to discuss.