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Document Scanning Boston Since 1992

High Quality Scanning

Quality Check (QC) Included

Guaranteed attention to detail; capturing every page - including a second quality check and re-count of each page. The Boston Computer Scanning (Bosscan) guarantee is "if you can see it on the original, you'll be able to see it on the scanned image."

Increase productivity by allowing colleagues to share and collaborate with scanned PDF pages from their original notebooks. Now you can submit data faster, for timely approval and quicker development of your product. Contact Bosscan today and inquire about our high quality, low cost scanning at our office in Wakefield, MA. Are you documents used too frequently? We also offer onsite scanning! For copywritten material, written authorization is required for scanning.

We work with biotech, scientific research, life science, R&D, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers. While we do lab notebook scanning, we also scan files, charts, and 3-ring binder style books.

Here is what Bosscan offers:

  • No pages missed guaranteed

  • All text captured - including edge of page, and up to the binding writing

  • Quality and attention to detail; ensures light pencil, colored ink, and photos/graphs appear as clear as the original documents

  • Pages scanned in order

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Documents are scanned safely and securely.

  • After scanning is completed; customer verifies receipt of images, and then the images are permanently deleted from our workstations via government grade data scrubbing incineration software.

  • Are your documents and scientific notebooks used frequently or too sensitive to leave your office to be scanned? We will scan your documents on-site at your facility and scrub our disk drives of any trace of your data upon the completion and delivery of the project.

    Loose Pages & Bound Books

    Notebooks, Spiral Bound, 3 Ring Binders

  • High quality, color or black and white images scanned to single or multipage PDF or TIFF images

  • OCR Text Search (Searchable Adobe PDF) available for typed data

  • Bound or delicate pages are placed on a flatbed scanner, one at a time, then cropped and deskewed

  • Loose pages are sheet fed, cropped, and deskewed

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